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    After power is turned on, the product automatically goes into pairing mode 2.1 Interface DC 12V power supply CSR8635 Bluetooth V4.0 Out Impedance: 8 ohms Best (ohm impedance speakers can drive 4,6,8,16) Out Power: Add pre-5532 output foot DIP switches can be more easily adjusted directly after class amplifier gain, better promote damping large horn

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    Input voltage: DC14-32V Output power:2x100w Harmonic distortion:Po=1W/0.05% Frequency response range:18-100KHZ Output resistance:4-8ohm Line type: D types Chip:TDA7498 Switching frequency:360KHz Signal to noise ratio:110db Size: 9.4x6.2cm

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    A small (12mm diameter) round speaker to use for sound signlals or creating music. Voltage: 3.5 -5.5V Power supply: < 25mA Frequency: 2300+-500 Diameter: 12mm

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    Min. sound output: dB at 10cm>105/12V Rated voltage: 12V Operating voltage: 7~15V Resonant frequency: 2Hz Max. current consumption: 200mA/12V Operating temperature: -20~+60 °C Storage temperature: -30~+70 °C Terminal: Wire

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    A small (29mm diameter) round speaker to use for sound signals or creating music. 0.8ohm Power rating:0.25W Diameter: 29mm

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items