Baseus W04 Pro Earbud Bluetooth Handsfree White


Νέο προϊόν

  • Baseus
  • Encok True Wireless Earphones W04 Pro
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • White
  • Material: ABS
  • Range: to 10 m
  • Operation time: 3,3 h (70% maximum volume)
  • Standby time: 300 h
  • Earpiece battery capacity: 37 mAh
  • Case battery capacity: 400 mAh
  • Earpiece charging time: around 1,5 h (by cable) and around 3 h (wireless)
  • Case operation time (overall): 20 h
  • Earpiece Weight: 3,5 g

Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες

Μη διαθέσιμο

29,00 € με Φ.Π.Α

Άλλες πληροφορίες

Release yourself from the cables
Enjoy wireless music in the highest quality. With a large battery capacity, the earphones can provide up to five hours of listening time, while the case, which also serves as a power bank, can recharge up to 4 times.

Intelligent solutions
Unlike other models, each earpiece connects directly to a smartphone, which makes the connection more stable and reduces delays. No more worrying about the device disconnecting from your phone.

Perfect sound
With a 13 mm coil in the speakers and a high-quality flexible PU cone, the earphones deliver faithfully reproduced sound in all tones. In addition, the delay in games is almost zero.

Most recent technology
With Bluetooth 5.0 the earphones minimize the possibility of signal loss and disconnection caused by the interface in 2.4 GHz. The transmission speed is up to 24 MB/s, making the earphones twice as fast over a distance of 10 meters compared to older generation models.

Improved battery
The case that comes with the set also serves as a power bank. It can be charged with a cable as well as wirelessly, and with a capacity of 400 mAh, it is able to charge the earphones 4 times with a full battery.

IP54 Resistance
The earphones are IP54 resistant, which makes them resistant to dust and splashes. You don't have to worry that you will damage them when running in rainy weather.


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